Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Shrove Tuesday!

Today is Shrove Tuesday and here in Sweden we celebrate by eating a semla (or two, or three). I blogged about it last year, so I'm not going to say much about it today.  I just wanted to remind you to make one, since it's one of the best Swedish treats there is. I mean, it's a fluffy sweet bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream, doesn't that say it all? Above is the one I had today when coming home from school.

A semla is great served with coffee. Just don't get to exited about the tastiness of the semla so you spill it all.

Last years semlor, eaten in Reykjavík, Iceland. 

Two years ago I did a chocolate coffee variation. I added some cocoa powder  to the dough, then added chopped chocolate and some coffee to the almond paste, as well as some cocoa powder in the cream.


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