Monday, February 27, 2012

Sun, pine and cats.

The fridge is really empty right now, so no fun food has been had in a couple of days. But rest assure, grocery shopping is about to happen soon and after that there will be loads of yumminess to be had. If only it was summer. I can't wait for growing stuff on my balcony and picking berries in the fields and forest.

 Luckily, summer felt a bit closer this weekend. The weather was stunning, it's still cold but the sun was shining like never before. We took advantage of it of course, taking some small road trips to some nearby places. Above is me and my tall fried Mikael and some Scots pine on the left.

Sunday, we went east and drove along some really pretty roads in the countryside, and visited a small nature reserve with bid old pine trees. My view of big trees has changed a bit after visiting the Pacific Northwest, where the trees were really huge to me. The Swedish climate might not be as friendly to the trees, but this Scots pine from the 18th century was pretty big anyway.

 The weekend might be over, but I started my week with something great, some hours helping out at the local cat shelter. Above is Petter and Johnny, two beautiful boys. Johnny has a damaged eye, but has one of the softest furs I've ever touched.

This is Molle. He has such a pretty face and is a true cuddle bug. He will jump into you lap and stay there forever if you'd let him. I really hope he will be adopted soon.

This cat is such a character!  Frank, is actually only on a short visit back at the shelter and will hopefully go back to his family really soon. In the meantime, I try to squeeze in as many cuddles with his big cheeks as possible.

I hope you have a nice weekend with as sunny weather as I had, and I'll be back soon with some fun food.


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