Wednesday, April 4, 2012

African Rhino Peri-Peri sauce

Our fridge has a whole door shelf only dedicated to hot sauces, and it's constantly over flowing. Some of them are still haning in since the visit to the Hot Sauce shop on San Juan Island, WA, and some are new, bought from Extreme Food in Gothenburg. They are all used, for different dishes. Some works great as condiments by themselves, some tastes great stirred into some egg-less mayo and some works best if incorporated in the food while cooking.

The latest addition is one of my absolute favorites so far. We got to taste it in the store (Extreme Food) when Martin asked for something fruity. And it was! The bottle says it's extra hot, but I would say it's moderate. It has a dominant taste of tomato and lemon besides the peri-peri. We immediately felt this was a sauce that would fit well in our kitchen. And since we didn't have any peri-peri sauce, it was about time. We were even more delighted when we got to see the actual bottle, the layout is nice and I love those broad flat bottles. What rhinos has to to with it? The Kalahari pepper company donates a small amount for ever bottle sold, to Save the Rhino, an organization that works for saving and helping rhinos in Africa and Asia. The only downside is that it will be eaten way to quickly.


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