Friday, April 6, 2012

A snowy Friday in April.

 I started an internship at a sewage and industrial water treatment plant 4 weeks ago, and have since been leaving the house at 6.10 AM to bike the 10 K to a neighbor city. Beacause of easter, I now have 4 days off and planned to celebrate the first day by having a long sleep in. I should have known better. My circadian rhythm wants me to go to bed early and wake up early, so by 7 AM i was up and having breakfast. This morning I had some rye bread with dill hummus and pickled gherkins, an orange and some chai tea. Then, it started snowing. In April!

Yesterday at work some co-workers re-potted some plants and cut away pieces of them that everyone else got to take home if they wanted. I opted for a small aloe plant as well as a small banana plant! Today I put them in soil and pots and got to hang out with the other plants on my windowsills.

I made loads of ground seitan patties for tomorrow's easter lunch While they were being fried in my lovely cast iron pan, I made some lingonberry jam. I still have a lot of berries from when we went picking them in September, and it's so great to be able to make your own jam from your own berries.

After cleaning out my wardrobe, it was about time for a cup of coffee and some dark chocolate coffee beans my mother brought me from the airport in Brussels. The picture in the right is a common view from the kitchen table, Lucias little legs all stretched out while she's hanging out with us while we're eating


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