Friday, May 11, 2012

Family Friday: My grandmother and carrot marmalade

I have had the luck to grow up having two wonderful grandmothers present in my life. This post will be about IngaBritt, my mother’s mother. She lives in the very southeast of Sweden, in Karlskrona, a city in the region Blekinge. I grew up in Gothenburg, which is more than 4 hours away by train, so naturally we could only spend a limited amount of time down there. But visit, we did. We took the train down there at least once every year, but often more. From what I can remember, we always stayed in my grandmother’s apartment. Then I grew bigger, and as it so often is, the time between visits grew longer. Some years ago, I went down there by myself and stayed with her for a couple of nights. I don’t really remember anything from that visit other than how she welcomed my with a special kind of bread that I’ve only ever seen for sale down there, and some homemade carrot orange marmalade.

I made my marmalade using this recipe from Canadian Living, but cut away most of the white rind from the citrus since I wanted it to be less bitter. The result is a vibrant orange marmalade with just enough of everything in it. It’s perfect on toast for breakfast.

Apart from being the best (of two!) grandmothers, she is also the only one in my family that has always had cats, and although she’s definitely not a crazy cat lady, I’m happy to pass on the love for cats. 


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