Sunday, May 13, 2012

Locally grown mushrooms

Today I went to the second hand store in town to buy a belt for me new jeans, and once again saw the sign that said "mushroom for sale" and an arrow directed towards the parking lot. I've seen it before, but never really understood where they're sold and why. Today I gave in and went looking for the place, and found a small dark basement room. When I went in there, I got to know that they were growing the mushrooms there, in two closed areas. I got to see it and I wish I had my camera! I must go back someday and snap some pictures. I bought a pound of mushrooms for 25 SEK (3.5$) which I think was quite a bargain. And they have been growing less than a mile from my house!

I had to use them for dinner, and ended up with mashed potatoes and parsnips with a mushroom carrot stew flavored with thyme, Dijon mustard and a splash of red wine. On the side there was lingonberry jam still warm from the stove, and some pickled cucumbers. I still have loads of mushrooms left and will use some of them to make the mushroom tibs from Appetite for Reduction.


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