Sunday, May 27, 2012

I got an allotment!

Last week, my internship ended and school started again (although I will be working 4 days a week at the place I had my internship for 3 months starting now, and go to school one day a week and try to study on weekends). Back in the classroom, I sat down next to one of my lovely group members and she told me she had got herself an allotment. I don't know why this thought hasn't struck me before, but when she told me a seed was planted in my head. The seed grew faster than a radish, and now, I have started renting an allotment too!

It's about 7,5*10 m, which makes for a big space to grow stuff! Sadly, the ground hasn't been used for a long time so there's quit some work to do before it will be the home to growing veggies. This work will have to get done soon and quick!

Starting to dig up the grass.

There's some tools to use on site, but they aren't the best to be honest. Since it was the weekend and I don't have a car, I couldn't really go buy any so I made do with what I found. Luckily, two of my neighbor gardeners  came to my rescue and let me use some of their spades and rake. Over the weekend, I've been digging for about 7 hours, and I'm so sore. Still, I havn't even got 1/3 of the way of getting the grass off. And then I'll have to dig even more to get the dirt ready for planting. I will be like the hulk when I'm done. Today my friend Micke came to help me for a while and in a week Martin will be home from Croatia so I'll get some help. It's so much fun though! I'm planning to post about my allotment and my balcony garden every Sunday, so I hope you'll enjoy reading about it!

 Back home on the balcony, the baby mix lettuce it growing quickly and I also have some chard seedlings popping up. I went on a little treasure hunt Saturday evening and got into a fight with a pointy stick. Aouch.

The weather has been so hot these last few days, and working in the sunshine makes for loads of ice cream breaks. Here's vanilla soy ice cream and raspberry sorbet with a little chocolate sauce on top


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