Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plants in my home.

Sunday was really hot and sunny, and I spent a good chunk of the morning hanging out on the balcony re-potting  some of my indoor plants and sowing some edibles out on the balcony. Getting into the dirt today was chives, chard and radishes. Already growing outside is some mixed baby lettuce, and growing away in the kitchen windows are seven (!) chili plants. Five of them are for plain red chili pepper, and the two others are for ghost peppers! Bhut Jolokia is their real name and they're crazy hot (a bit more than 1 million SHU). I love to see plants grow and being able to eat some of them is fantastic. Let's hope for a warm and sunny summer.

The bigger of the two ghost pepper plants. They're growing a lot slower than the other chili plants, but are also more compact.
Three of the red chili pepper plants.


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