Friday, June 15, 2012

Family Friday: Johan

My mother and Johan

Johan is my mother’s partner. They don’t live together, and I’ve never called him my stepfather, but he’s been in our family for more than 10 years, so whatever you want to call it, that’s the role he has played in my life. When he had recently met my mother and started coming over for dinner the kitchen were filled to the brim with oh’s and ah’s. His eyes were sparkling with love for my mother, and his taste buds certainly agreed. I and my sister used to ask him what he ate before he met my mother. I’m still not sure about the answer, but I do know that he’s still crazy about her and her food.

He definitely has a weakness for Italian style foods, especially creamy pasta dishes. Serve him that with a huge bowl of arugula drenched in balsamic vinegar, and he’ll be in heaven. I have not had the time to create a recipe to Johan and Johan only, but I’m sure he’d be happy with any of these three recipes already featured on the blog:
Avocado pasta

Creamy lemon pasta bake

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