Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two dinners and progress on the allottment.


Baby lettuce with raspberry lime vinaigrette, steamed new potatoes, creamed corn (from Appetite for reduction) and a mushroom burger (with very local mushrooms). 


Pizza with more mushrooms and soy mince.

 When it comes to the allottment, things are slowly going forward. We recently used a rotary cultivator to break up the grass and will start digging the beds tomorrow and then sew! I already got some almond potatoes in the ground and they are starting to show.

 I covered the potato patch with grass (partly, I didn't have any more) to work as a fertilizer. 

Martin, trying to get the public mower to work. No such luck.

The chili plants in our window are flowering like crazy! The plants are huge and it seems like we'll be getting lot's of chili peppers.


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