Monday, June 11, 2012

Tahini and almond butter.

My two favourite things in my fridge right now (next to the cold brewed coffee and mint syrup); almond butter and tahini. My love for tahini knows no bounds - it's great in and on so many foods!  While I do live the light and liquid-y stuff, it's kind of expensive here and I'll eat a big jar in less than two weeks, easy. So I got this one instead and it's great. It's actually not that expensive, although it's produced in Sweden, organic and only contains sesame seeds and a little salt. It's on the darker side and really thick. I love it on top of steamed veggies or stirred into whatever. Also, do try it in baked goods. Celine is the queen of sweets including tahini - go check out this banana cake for example!

I know I'm late on the train for almond butter, but this is the first time I've ever tried it! I found a small jar of it from the same brand as the tahini, and like that, it's also organic, produced in Sweden and only contains almonds. Oh my. It's heaven on a spoon. I eat it with sliced banana. I have a feeling almond butter is a friend who's here to stay.

(The brand is called Kung Markatta and is a Swedish organic brand)


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