Sunday, July 8, 2012

Basic country loaf from Tartine Bakery

A couple of weeks ago, I found a short movie about a baker named Chad Robertson. He made the most beautiful natural leavened loaves of bread, and I had to watch it twice.  I found out there was a book, which seemed big, informative and with gorgeous photos. I found all of this to be true when it arrived in the mail last week. I love cookbooks that has a lot of stories and long descriptions of the recipes, and this book has that, plus loads of photographs that are both informative and esthetically pleasing. The book revolves around one basic recipe, for the Basic Country Loaf. The instruction for making that bread is more like a short story than a recipe, going on for 41 pages. However,
it's easy to follow and in time and with practice, I'm sure it will make almost anyone with the will and ambition able to pull out the perfect loaf from the oven.

My first try came out good. Definitely not perfect, but with a crust that is definitely the best I've ever had on a homemade loaf. It's crispy, deeply golden and cracked in just the right places. The inside of the bread turned out a tiny bit dense, but still has some big holes and with a very mild acidic taste, the result from using a young starter and letting it do it's final rise in the fridge over night.

This is the most beautiful book about food I've ever seen. All the photos are taken by Eric Wolfinger.


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