Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chili Pepper Wednesday

It's Chili Pepper Wednesday and it's time to eat something spicy. To be honest, I didn't feel very inspired at lunch time and since I hadn't had time to prepare a post in advance, I decided to just make some food using up the left over macaroni and that would go great together with the hot sauce of the hot sauces - Sriracha. This didn't take more than five minutes, really. I finely sliced some cabbage and sautéed it in my cast iron pan together with a little bit of oil, golden syrup and soy sauce until slightly soft and caramelized. In a small pot, I stirred together tahini, tomato paste, soy sauce, fresh ginger, salt, lemon juice and a bit of water. Then added the macaroni and stirred to coat them in sauce and heat through. Eat with loads (more than on the picture!) of sriracha. 


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