Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chopped Thursday: South meets South

It's Thursday and we have been playing Chopped here at home once more! This last Thursday of Vegan MoFo Martin got to be the chef and I the game maker.

Martin says:
For this last installment of  Chopped Thursday I got cabbage, apple sauce, BBQ-spice mix and spinach. The idea that came to my mind was to make a South meets South-dish. I reasoned like this: the southernmost province of Sweden, Skåne, is also Sweden's apple district. Mustard is also typical of that area so I combined mustard and apple sauce and made a sauce for the fried cabbage. For the other south I choose to make American inspired BBQ chickpeas. I simply mixed onion, tomato paste, thyme, lemon juice, BBQ-spice, BBQ-sauce, liquid smoke and some sugar together and then I fried the chickpeas with the mix. The spinach went down into the rice. All in all I'm happy with this dish, it was more coherent than the last attempt

My verdict:
This lunch was good! All the individual parts fit together great and the cabbage in apple sauce was awesome, although I couldn't taste the mustard. I will ask Martin to make cabbage this way again for sure. The chickpeas had a good taste but would have benefited from a bit shorter time in the pan since they were a bit dry. The rice suffered a bit from what I think was stirring while cooking and could have used some salt. Over all though, it was a great meal and I give Martin two thumbs up and let him survive the chopping block.


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