Friday, October 26, 2012

Family Friday: Cardamom buns

For this Family Friday I wanted to (once more) write about my mother. I wanted to share some pictures and stories of all the amazing food she has cooked for me but I quickly found I had no photos of her food. Shame on me, shame shame on me. I'll do better and snap away in the future, and share some of that with you later on.

After making this realization, I went to make a dough for cardamom buns. Quickly, my mind went to how me and her used to bake cinnamon rolls together when I was little. I got to crumble the fresh yeast, stir it with salt until melted and stir in some of the flour. When the dough was ready I got to make cinnamon rolls, while she made twisted vanilla buns. I was always so impressed by the ones she made and it seemed SO difficult. I continued to roll and slice the cinnamon rolls and now I'm all grown up. Grown up, and able to make my own pretty twisted buns.

These cardamom buns are just a sweet yeasted dough, like the one used for cinnamon rolls, filled with cardamom and sugar and twisted up and topped with pearl sugar. Yum.


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