Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chopped Thursday: PB banana smoothie on noodles?

Today is Thursday and it was time to play another round of Chopped! Today I was the one to choose the mystery ingredients and Martin's time to cook. I took a peek into the cupboards and fridge and whatnot and picked out 4 ingredients that he got to make a meal out of.

The ingredients:
  • Noodles
  • Sivri peppers
  • Banana
  • Basil
Martin's story of tonights dinner making:

It was that day of the week, Thursday – our own competitive food day. I was a little nervous as I walked in to the contest. I tried my best, and it turned out okay. What I did was this:

When I saw the banana on the paper I instantly thought – jungle, exotic. So this was my game plan. In the heat of the moment I didn't figure out a good way to incorporate the basil, which in the end was my ruin at the Chopping Block. So with exotic noodles on my mind I set about to work, first step was boiling noodles and TVP for later wok. I then prepared my ghost pepper infused banana/peanut butter smoothie-sauce which were later to be poured on the wok. I then chopped carrots, cauliflower, onions, sivri peppers and squash and started frying it. For spices I used smoked paprika, curry, onion powder, chili/lime salt and black pepper. When that was looking good I simply poured noodles and TVP along with my banana-sauce on top of it and left it to fry together for a bit.

Then I made a measly basil+tomato salad which was highly un-exotic. Later in the shower I realized that I should have made a separate side sauce with Ghost pepper and basil. Oh well. I feel now that I didn't top Fanny's first entry in the competition, so I must pull myself together for the next round.

My verdict:
The dinner was good, I like fruit in food so the banana taste was good. It was a bit to spicy for me though, I prefer having a hot condiment rather than the whole dish to be super spicy. It wasn't unbearable though, and it was creamy with fun flavors. The salad was very "Italian" and didn't go very well along with the noodle dish. Over all, it was a good dinner though!


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