Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lingonberry jam

Lingonberries, the red gold of the Swedish forests. A tart firm berry that is easily cooked down to a jam that can be eaten with a wide variety of foods, sweet or savory doesn't matter. Myself, I prefer it with savory foods such as potatoes. Martin on the other hand, eats if with his morning cereal every morning.

Lingonberry jam
Ridicolously easy, this jam will gel easily since lingonberries contains so much pectin. Use sugar to your liking, more sugar, the more the jam will set. I use about 3 part berries to 2 parts sugar, but I like it kind of sweet. You could easily cut down to 1 part sugar or even less.

what you'll need
fresh or frozen lingonberries
granulated sugar

How to
Add the lingonberries to a heavy bottomed pot and add a little bit of water. Add sugar and heat on medium heat, stirring frequently until the berries has released their water and mixed with the sugar. Turn heat up and bring to a heavy boil, then turn off the heat and take the pot away. Stir and can.

Raw lingonberry jam
Another way to enjoy these berries is to stir fresh (or thawed frozen) berries with sugar according to taste, until the berries have softened and the sugar has dissolved. Brings out the flavour in an almost unreal way.

Recipes on the blog that goes great with lingonberry jam:
- Vegan Swedish Christmassy Meatballs
- Fishy wheat germ patties
- Creamy chantarelle sauce
- Autumn stew with juniper berries
- Pitepalt

And be sure, there will be a lot of suggestions for how to use this glorious jam during this month and onwards!

Have you ever eaten lingonberries in some form?



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