Monday, October 1, 2012

New Foods Monday: Napa cabbage

It's Monday, it's the first day in October and it's Vegan MoFo! I'm going with my Monday theme, new foods! I'm going to be trying out new ingredients and today it was time for napa cabbage.

It seems weird that I've never cooked with this vegetable before, since it's quite common in the stores. But today it was time. I love the way cabbage looks, and the napa cabbage is no different. It has an elegant shape, bright but light color going from white in the bottom to green in the tops.

 I decided to use it as a wrap for a filling consisting of TVP granules, porridge rice, red onions and spices. I made the filling and wrapped the raw leaves around it. I steamed them until softened and gave them a couple of minutes in my cast iron pan to get a little bit of browning.
 I served them with boiled potatoes and raw stirred lingonberry jam (read more about that tomorrow...). The cabbage had a pleasant taste and a somehow chewy texture. My little "packages" didn't hold together very well, but I'm probably the one to blame for that, not the cabbage leaves.

I have half the head of cabbage left, and can't wait to cook something else with it. I'm thinking it would be great in a stir fry.

What is your favorite thing to do with Napa cabbage?


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