Monday, October 15, 2012

New Food Monday: Chestnut cream

It's Monday, a new week and time to try a new ingredient! When I was in England last summer, I bought a cute little can of chestnut cream with vanilla flavor. It has been standing about my stove ever since, more than a year! So now I kicked myself up and decided to use some of it as a filling for chocolate muffins. I found a recipe for muffins, divided it in 3 (which made 3 muffins) and used oat milk instead of orange juice and omitted the chopped chocolate. I spooned some chestnut filling into the muffin tins after I had filled them with half of the batter and then topped with the rest of the batter, creating a chestnut cream center!

The muffins came out quite dry, I think I should have used a bit more oat milk since the batter felt quite dry, but the taste was fine and the chestnut cream was a good pairing with the chocolate!

I have quite a lot of the chestnut cream left, but I think it will be good on pancakes and perhaps even on some sliced apple? I liked the taste, but it doesn't really taste like anything else I've eaten. What is your favorite way to enjoy this kind of cream?


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