Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Morning Scones: Apple cinnamon

 Saturday morning, and once again it was time for breakfast. Admittedly, I almost forgot, since we were on our way to meet my boyfriends father's new puppy! Luckily, there was still time for some warm scones. It was raining (as it has been doing all week long..) outside and something fall-flavored seemed appropriate. Apple and cinnamon!

 I had my first bite of a apple cinnamon scone when having breakfast at Dovetail Bakery in Portland together with Amanda and Matt.

 Martin was happy about getting warm scones for breakfast.

I used a basic scone recipe but added a shredded apple and dipped the top of it in a brown sugar-cinnamon mix before baking. They came out pretty good! They weren't as pretty and big as the ones from Dovetail, but who am I to compete with them!


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