Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly recap: Tacos and My Kitchen tour!

It's Sunday and time for a little recap over the week that's gone by. I also wanted to show you what my kitchen looks like, as a lot of other bloggers have done as well! Take a peak at the kitchens of Erin Wiko, Kittee, Amy or Amanda! I'll let you see mine in this post, but first, some love to the blogs out there!

Tacos seems to be all over the blogs this month! I'm drooling over the Chimichanga Amy wrote about, as well as the other tacos she wrote about just two days later!And these Indian tacos from Glue and Glitter sounds great too. These tempeh tacos from Pamela's Modern Family Table sounds like a win! And I wish there was a bike delivery taco company here for those lazy days, like Taco Cat in South Minneapolis I read about on Babes in Soyland.

So, let's move on to my kitchen!

I live in a pretty small one room apartment (36 m2 or 387 sq ft) which I share with Martin the man and Lucia the cat. And while we do have a decent kitchen considering the small place over all, it's still pretty small. We will move in December and get a bigger place!

Here's the refrigerator and the freezer is just below it. The postcards are being held up with magnets I made out of coins from various countries. On the side is a calendar I made using a photo showing the coast just south of Seaside, OR.

Lucia eats her food just below the calendar. Here she is stuffing her face with pebbles, hungry since I slept for a long time this morning, and since her belly is the shape of  a ball, she is NOT being free fed.

On the left is the stove and the small area on the side of it where some of the things we use most frequently are residing. Here's the cat food, coffee, salt, oils and vinegars, as well as some cooking utensils. On the right is the table I thrifted when I moved here. It's great because you can make it larger by turning up the side that's just hanging down and you'll have space for 3 more people! On top of the table is fruit, a plant my grandmother gifted me and on the wall is a map of Europe.

Close up of the stove and the spice rack above it.

 Kitchen work area. Why don't they build kitchen were the sink is below a window in Sweden? Seems much nicer to look out on whatever than staring into a cabinet.

 The window. Here's 6 pots with chili pepper plants, one basil plants and nothing else will fit onto there. Behind the white chair is a stool with our microwave. It doesn't fit anywhere else so we have to take it out every time someone needs that place. Not ideal but it works!

So here's my kitchen, and I'd love to see yours!


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