Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday morning scones

It's Saturday morning and it's time to eat scones!

To start off the first day of this theme I wanted to tell you about two of my favorite scones from the past.

First out it the one you see in my banner for this theme up on top of this post. It's a tomato rosemary scone from Vegan Brunch. They're the only savory scones I've ever had but they are soo good. They have a lot of taste but at the same time they can handle a lot of different toppings. I would recommend non-dairy cream cheese or hummus, preferably with a fresh veggie slice or some basil leaves on top!

When looking for pictures of scones from the past, I found this little gem from spring 2009. It's glazed orange scones from Vegan with a Vengeance. I remember them being great, and that we packed up the ones we couldn't eat and hung them on our friend's/neighbor's door for breakfast.

Now I'm looking for new scone recipes to try for the upcoming Saturdays, and although I have some promising recipes on hand, wont you tell me your favorite?


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