Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vegan MoFo 2012 - week 1 is coming to an end.

Vegan MoFo week one is soon to be over and I will do a little weekly recap.

I've read so many great blog posts this week and bookmarked recipes that I want to try, like this thai sweet chili sauce from Olives for Dinner, these cute little berry bikkies from Meet the Wikos, or this brilliant mix between nachos and tater tots, totchos, invented by Joyfulgirl.

But I wanted to give an extra shout out to some of the amazing themes going on out there!

Emily from Muffin Topped is doing a month of waffles. Anyone doing that gets a lot of golden stars in my book. I'm intrigued by her roasted carrot waffles from earlier this week

Jen from That pain in the ass vegan is doing a theme called "The walking fed", cooking meals inspired by the tv show The walking dead. I'm watching the show right now so it's super fun to read her posts.

Noochtastic is having celebrations every day for a whole month, cooking food according to national food holidays. She has so far been celebrating days like fried scallop day and flan day, all vegan of course!

Easy vegan info is eating to the beat. She makes food inspired by songs, and this taco pizza looks out of this world. 

Two pics from my week; Örebro castle and me in a silly hat on a market here in Hallsberg.

My first MoFo week:
New Foods Monday: I tried cooking with napa cabbage for the first time.
Lingonberry Tuesday: I taught you to make a lingonberry jam or two!
Chili pepper Wednesday: I shared our chili growing story and made hot sauce.
Chopped Thursday: Martin challanged me and gave me 4 mystery ingredients, satsuma, dijon, cocoa poweder and zucchini.
Family Friday: My grandfather Göran.
Saturday morning scones: I told you about my two favorite scones from the past.


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