Sunday, October 2, 2011

A garlic dressing bowl.

This pretty little green ceramic bowl is for making salad dressings or sauces in. The ribbed bottom perfect for grating a clove of garlic on, and then you just add the remaining ingredients on top of it.

Have you seen this video on how to peel garlic?  If not, do it! It's impressive and today I had to try for myself. I only wanted one clove, and used two small ceramic bowls, but it still worked perfectly.

I used the dressing bowl and the peeled clove of garlic to make a soyghurt sauce with dill and lemon, served on top of a couscous beetroot salad.

Also, I've got a teaser for you! I've tried a recipe for vegan meringue today, and it came out great, although not very pretty since I couldn't bother to use my piping bag to make pretty swirls. I'll make sure to blog them before MoFo's over!


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