Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's less than 4 weeks until Christmas and time to start embracing everything that makes this season special before it's over. To be honest, I like this time before way better than the actual celebrations. It might be all the lights. In trees, in the cities and in every window. It's a really welcome addition this time of year, when it's pitch black outside before 4 PM and the evenings feel soooo long.

It might also be the food and sweets that is only eaten this time of the year. Today I made a batch of a traditional Swedish treat, called knäck. It's super simple, extremely sweet and very tasty!


1 part golden syrup
1 part granulated white sugar
1 part non-dairy heavy cream (I used one made of oat with 20% fat)
1/2 part chopped almonds (optional)

Bring everything except the almonds to a boil in a heavy bottomed sauce pan. Keep boiling and stirring occasionally until it has reached 120° C (248° F). Mix in the almonds if using. Now you'll have to work pretty fast, since the knäck will harden when cooling. Pour the batter into miniature muffin liners. Let cool and eat!


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