Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chocolate chip cookies from the store

Yesterday it came to my knowledge that one of Sweden's most common chain of supermarkets now carries vegan chocolate chip cookies. They're nothing fancy, but they are crisp, tender and the chocolate chunks tastes really good. I bought them for my train ride home tonight, but admittedly ate a few when I studied earlier today.

( I should probably add; They're from the brand Ica Basic)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hazelnut Nougat Chocolate Bar and dogs.

I arrived to Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast this morning but has already managed to help my sister take photos of her pineapple cookies, walk the dogs and buy a backpack! I found one crazy cheap and also this little Hazelnut Nougat & Dark Chocolate bar from Organica, hooray! Perfect for afternoon treat alongside a small cup of coffee. 

Goliat playing his favourite game, tug o´ war with his leash.  

 Sputnik, enjoying a stick.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday sunny Sunday

Sunday in Hallsberg, and I ate some left over pizza from yesterday. It might look dry and boring, but it was actually really good with banana, pineapple, peanuts, onions and TVP chunks.

As usual, we used the Sunday for an excursion to some nearby nature. Today we went south and ended up in a nature reserve called Rockebro, a forest with some water filled "holes" (looked like tiny lakes) that was created during the latest ice age. The area was very beautiful, quiet and the fores was very green due to moss and evergreen scots pine trees.


Some salty crackers as an energy boost in the car.

While driving home, we spotted a sign that said "Kullängsstugan" and the mark for cultural monument. We turned right and discovered this beautiful old wooden house from 1630.

Lunch: Rice, olives and a pinto-cabbage-pea-tomato thing.

Dinner: Whole wheat spaghetti with roasted beets, fennel and garlic, with basil, olives and arugula.

And then Martin brought out the banjo.

Tomorrow I'm going to the west coast to visit my sister for a couple of days, have a great beginning of the week!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Coffee banana chocolate shake

This really isn't as bad for you as it might look like (Well, apart from the sprinkles that are very optional. I added them for looks but they were mostly inconvenient since they just got stuck in the end of the straw. What did I think!?), so go ahead and make some for your afternoon coffee break.

Coffee banana chocolate shake

1 small frozen banana
1 tbs dried shredded unsweetened coconut
1 tsp cocoa powder
non-dairy milk (I use oat)
cold strong coffee

Mix everything together, adding as much coffee and milk as you see fit. I like mine with a strong coffee taste and not to runny. Serve immediately!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring is coming!

Today was the perfect first day of March. Even though blue skies and sunshine doesn't equal warm temperatures, you can truly feel spring is coming. Cold enough for hot chocolate, warm enough to be able to drink it out on the balcony wrapped in a blanket. 

 A snack from yesterday, grapes and a rice cracker with homemade orange marmalade. 

Avocados were on sale yesterday so I made some avocado pasta with ginger. Steamed carrots on the side and sprinkled with sesame seeds and nori.

I made some seitan today! As always, I do it by kneading the starch out of the flour. I've written about the method before, read it here!