Monday, January 21, 2013

House plants

I'm doing my best to fill our new apartment with green plants. Considering it being winter, I'm doing alright. I managed to keep all our plants alive during the move, which took place on a sunny winter day in - 19 C (-2.2 F). Sure enough, the peace lily (spathiphyllum wallisii) took a lot of damage and all the leaves turned brown. I cut them off and now it's bursting out new big light green leaves weekly. But the other ones survived just fine and are doing great in their new windows.

Sword fern (Polystichum munitum) bought just recently.

Rubber plant (ficus elastica) in the corner, also a recent addition.

Button fern (Pellaea rotundifolia). Yet another newbie!

Aloe plant, Crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii), Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera), Ivy, Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), a cress-like plant, and two over wintering ghost pepper (Naga bhut jolokia) plants.