Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vegan Döner Kebab in Örebro + my christmas tree

A friend told us earlier this week about a new place in town called Döner Kebab that have some vegan/vegetarian food options on their menu. We headed over there yesterday before watching a bandy game. We both ordered the veggie döner kebab in flatbread. The kebab "meat" was made out of seitan and tasted awesome. Other options on the menu is having the kebab on a plate with fries or in pita, falafel (roll, plate, pita) or vegan seitan patties with boiled potatoes and sauce. I'll definitely go here again. (Döner Kebab, Drottninggatan 35 Örebro)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

For Agnes: Lucia, snow, saffron bunsLusse and 4 legume burgers.

Lussekatter/Lucia buns. Saffron sweet yeasted buns.
4 legume burgers. Romain- butter- white kidney beans and green lentils. Rice, broccoli and cranberry sauce.

Our bedroom, snow on pine, moose silhouette on our house, laser Lucia on boxes.
Dog sitting this beautiful old friend.


Lucia now has a view over some trees. She's paralyzed.