Fanny who?

I'm a Swedish girl with wanderlust and a big appetite. I spent 2010 and the beginning of 2011 living abroad, on the Faroe Islands and Iceland and started loving the absence of trees, as well as the mountains and ocean. That's where I started this blog, to document the food I was making from scratch with what I could find in the supermarkets. I'm always looking for new adventures and the people, views and food it will take me to. I'm not a big fan of fruit, but love veggies and vegan hot dogs to death.

Since September 2011 I'm calling Hallsberg, Sweden my home. It's where I go to school to become a water technician and also where I do my cooking and baking.

I'm trying to embrace Nordic food, and let me tell you, it's more than meat and potatoes! Apart from all the wonderful root vegetables there's the gold of the forest - loads of different berries and mushrooms that are free for everyone to pick and eat. And what's not to love about a food culture that has a cake made out of sandwiches as a traditional food for festivities?

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