Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13

After getting off work this Friday, I went home and jumped on my bike. I rode 25 K in the blasting sunshine through the city, beside the freeway and most of the time, on a winding country road through a beautiful landscape filled with fields where rapeseed, rye, wheat and hay was growing. I arrived to the destination, my mother in laws cottage and while she and Martin made dinner, I jumped into her small cold swimming pool. I cooled down and spent the rest of the evening sitting on the porch.

I woke up to an even warmer and sunnier day, after a nights sleep close to my favorite person in the most cute summery bedroom there is. Tiny with only a bed and very little floor space, light colors and bed sheets with roses. The day was spent doing a little garden work, floating around in the pool, listening to summer radio shows, doing headstands in the pool and firing up the BBQ.

We went home in the early evening, warm and tired from a day outside, and cooked up some cold noodle salad. We were greeted by Lucia the cat and some tomato plants desperately screaming for water.

Days like these is what we live for. 


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