Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday July 15

 A windowsill grown beef tomato. A french variety called Marmande. The small ones are also grown on the windowsill and are called Sub Arctic Plenty. Both varieties are the best I've had, and there's plenty more on the way!

My bike. It takes me places. Like summer cabins, forests with blueberries, work, downtown and the super market.

I bought a new lens for my camera! A 17-50 mm, which will make photos like this possible in endless varieties.

We bought a dishwasher!! To celebrate, we made tacos with a lot of stuff in different bowls, to truly enjoy not having to wash the dishes by hand. Also, sale on avocados made for guacamole!

Wheat tortilla (whyyy can´t you buy corn ones here?) with soy mince, zucchini, lettuce, corn, cucumber, pickled red onions (Viva Vegan), guacamole, onions and salsa.

Dessert. Water melon and coffee. 


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